We have all been there; you just picked up this cool new game but have zero idea of what to do. The controls aren't complicated and the game mechanics seem straight-forward, but it feels as if you're missing something. How awesome would it be to have a friend show you the ropes and break down the core concepts instead of trying to gather information from constant trial and error? Well for League of Legends, look no further!

Introducing our newest (and still free!) feature: Adopt-A-Newbie. It doesn't matter if:
  • You just started playing and the bots still kick your ass.
  • You are a Bronze tier player who muddled through the placement matches, got lucky, and now have no clue what to do next.
  • You feel like you've reached a plateau and are looking for a guide to help push you up to the next level (and are looking for a more permanent/comprehensive relationship than a coaching lesson would provide).

If you are sub level 30 or Diamond 2 and below, you can sign up and get matched with a mentor. Mentors will be at least two tiers above you. For example, a Silver 3 newbie would be matched with at a mentor who is at least Platinum 3. The exception to this rule are Master tier players who can mentor Diamond tier players. Note that the higher your rank is when joining as a newbie, the longer your potential wait time!

Do you like breaking down complicated concepts and explaining them? Or perhaps you're looking to give back to the community but are looking for something more than coaching (or in addition to coaching)? Become a mentor and adopt a newbie! You'll need to be ranked at least Silver 1 and have the patience to walk new players through the basics of League of Legends. Using our messaging system will allow easy communication without having to expose your email or other contact information. It's also only a click of a button to break the relationship (and you won't get matched with the same person twice) so it's risk free.


You must first register and then verify your LoL account by renaming one of your rune pages to a randomly generated code.