How do I become a coach?
Just sign up! You will need to verify your League of Legends account by changing the name of one of your rune pages to a random 10 digit/letter code. Once our server sees that change you can then fill out your profile and set your schedule!

Why do I have to validate as a student?
We don't want to waste our coaches' time with trolls or people who accidentally picked a coach on the wrong server. Validating your League of Legends account lets us avoid all of that. It also allows the coach to see your LoLKing profile so they can know more about you.

Why can't I see a coach's email?
This is another measure to make our coaches' lives easier. By not displaying their email, they don't have to worry about someone contacting them down the road (or worse, giving out their email to random people). The messaging system will allow you to communicate with your coach throughout the lesson request process and up to one week after the lesson occurs.

Do I have to pay anything to become a coach?
Nope! It's completely free to sign up! The only service we charge for is a 10% commission if you decide to charge a fee for your lessons. If you do decide to charge for lessons, you still go through the approval process like normal, however once a lesson has been approved, you will see a payment status on the lesson messages and the student sees the payment options. Payment is handled through Braintree which accepts major credit cards and PayPal. Once the student has paid, the coach will see the payment status update. The coach can then give the lesson as scheduled. If the student never pays for the lesson, the coach simply marks the student as absent. Coaches are paid once per month on the 15th (through PayPal) for all lessons performed during the previous month. Coaches have a display listing all of their lessons and the amount earned for each month. In addition, we will handle all disputes raised by students. More info here.

Note that all PayPal transactions will show up as 'Beckstar LLC' which is the name of the company that owns this site. We want this to be transparent as possible, so feel free to contact us for more information!

What happens if a coach scams me?!
Tell us immediately through the contact form. If they did in fact not give you a lesson, we will refund your money. Coaches are required to have some form of proof demonstrating they gave the lesson at the requested time (typically a screenshot).


What do you have planned for the future?
  • Setup coaching for teams and not just individuals. FINISHED! Check out the news post.
  • Start a program called 'Adopt-a-Newbie' where we pair absolute beginners with coaches for more long-term teaching. FINISHED!
  • Allow coaches to stream lessons FINISHED!
  • Start a team which wins Worlds!


Our Adopt-A-Newbie program is straightforward and helpful for people of all skill levels. It is separate from the coaching sessions and the account type that you signed up with on the site does not matter. Anyone who is Diamond 2 or below can join the program as a Newbie (including unranked players and even sub-level 30s!); Silver 1 and higher can join as a Mentor. Once you have picked your role, you get placed into a queue to be matched. Mentors will always be at least 2 tiers higher than their newbies, for example a Silver 2 newbie would be paired with a mentor who is at least Platinum 5. The only exception to this rule is Master tier players can mentor Diamond tier newbies. Getting matched will trigger an email (if enabled) and give you access to your newbie/mentor with a real-time chat system. Once you're matched, take some time to get to know the other person. Ideally the match will turn into a mutually beneficial relationship; as the saying goes, if you truly want to master a subject, teach it! However, if your match doesn't quite work out, you can re-join the queue after a 24 hour cooldown.

How-to Guide

So you want to signup and start teaching or coaching? Awesome! Here's a step-by-step guide. Coaches are able to take lessons from other coaches, so if you want to do any teaching, pick 'Coach' when registering.

  • First go register. Make sure to select 'Coach'!
  • Next you'll need to verify your summoner name. In your profile page you'll find instructions on how to do so. Make sure to SAVE your RUNE page after renaming it!
  • Once you are verified, your profile page will update and you can fill out your coaching profile. This has an area for all of the information students will want to know about you. Make sure your description is nice and clear, it will become the most unique thing about you!
  • Once you have saved your profile, you can start setting your schedule. The large list of time slots is shown using your time zone. Click each slot you want to make available for teaching. The slot should turn green after clicking it. Make sure to save your schedule.
  • You will now appear in the list of coaches! Students can select your name and submit a lesson request for your open time slots. When you receive a request, it will show up as a message. You can review their request, chat with them (if you want), and then decide whether or not to accept the request by hitting the button.
  • Once you've approved a lesson, you cannot cancel it. The student can cancel, but coaches are not allowed to. If for some reason you won't be able to make the lesson, be sure to let your student know! The student will still be able to leave a review for you.
  • If the student doesn't show up for the lesson, document that you were ready and waiting, THEN mark them absent. This disables the student's ability to leave you a review. However, if you are caught using this option to avoid getting a bad review from a lesson that you actually taught, action will be taken (up to and including banning your account). If you have a troll/rude/mean student, document the situation and appeal the review by contacting us. Depending on the situation, we will remove the bad review.
  • You can chat with students up to a week after your lesson. Reviews can be seen for the past two weeks.
  • Have fun!

  • First go and register. Make sure to select 'Student'!
  • Next you'll need to verify your summoner name. In your profile page you'll find instructions on how to do so. Make sure to SAVE your rune page after renaming it!
  • Once you're verified, you can now submit lesson requests.
  • Go to the coaches page and browse through the list. Once you've found a coach you like, click on their name.
  • You will now be looking at their profile and schedule. If this is the coach you want, click on one of the open time slots (it will be green!).
  • Fill out the form to request a lesson. Coaches like knowing what you are looking for, so be descriptive in your request!
  • Once you've submitted your request, the coach will be notified. You can see the pending lesson in your messages. You can also send further messages to the coach if you want.
  • If the coach approves your lesson, then it will show up under the 'Upcoming Lessons' section. If they decline it, the session will be removed from your messages.
  • If you want to cancel a pending or upcoming lesson, you can just hit the button 'Cancel' in the messages section. This will open the time slot back up for other students to reserve. NOTE! Doing this will remove your ability to message the coach so be sure!
  • Once you've had your lesson, it will show up in the 'Completed Lessons' section for messages. It will include a button to leave a review for the coach.
  • Reviews have three categories: game knowledge, teaching ability, and attitude/courtesy. 1 is the lowest while a 10 is the highest. Your comment should focus on particular things you liked or disliked about the lesson.
  • Have fun!

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